640 Words essay on Library And its uses

640 Words essay on Library And its uses

640 Words essay on Library And its uses

ECC offers a variety of placement tests to fit your educational needs. Placement tests are used for subjects like English and math to check your academic skill levels before you register for class. This helps to ensure that the classes you take are the correct academic level for you. A full list of the placement tests offered by ECC is listed below. For more information about each test, please click on the test name. We also offer high school equivalency (GED® or HiSET), ESL, and Spanish language placement tests. This will help to interpret your placement scores. Additional information on the Advanced Testing for both and CLEP Tests is available as well.

Enrollment in any English course (ENG prefix) will be determined based on several factors. First, your program of study will determine if you need English. ENG 656 and 657 fulfill general education requirements in communication for most ECC degrees and transfer. Second, your readiness for college-writing will be determined based on the following:

Using a computer, you will write an essay of approximately 7 pages in length. You will select one of three topics to focus your essay response. You are allowed to use a dictionary, Rules of Thumb grammar handbook, spelling and grammar check, and scratch paper. Before you turn in your completed essay, you should proofread (reread and correct) your essay.

Allow two hours to adequately write the essay. English placement test results will be available within 5 business days. Please plan accordingly to have the English placement test results completed prior to registration. All placement test results can be viewed on the.

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