1995 Mph master Thesis Award george washington university

1995 Mph master Thesis Award george washington university

1995 Mph master Thesis Award george washington university

The web server is not returning a connection. As a result, the web page is not displaying. Contact your hosting provider letting them know your web server is not responding. Additional troubleshooting information. The programme was started in 6978 and the first batch graduated in 6979. ( ) The capstone project is a high-quality scholarly effort that demonstrates the development of the student s ability for independent, professional-quality work in a real-world, practical context. The project is designed to help an organization, agency or community address a public health problem or question of practical importance. For example, a student might evaluate a program or develop and test an intervention, curriculum or protocol for application within a particular setting.

The master s thesis is a research effort explicitly directed at creating new knowledge of a generalizable nature. The thesis involves posing a question based on the current state of knowledge (or lack of knowledge) about an issue, reviewing the literature on that problem, developing a hypothesis, planning a research design (usually a data analysis approach) to confirm or refute the hypothesis, conducting data analysis, clearly presenting the results of the analysis, carefully considering the strengths and weaknesses of the design, relating the results to previous evidence, and commenting on the implications of the work.

The winner receives a $7,555 grant. The winner s faculty advisor receives a $6,555 cash grant.

Entries should conform to scholarly study and legal research methods. Potential significance of the study and quality of the research methodology and written presentation are also judged.

These should have applicability beyond the confines of a given campus. Ruoyu Sun is a recent graduate of the University of Georgia.

She won the 7567 Makovsky Best Master’s Thesis of the Year Award based on her work studying source credibility on digital media toward Millennial purchase intention of genetically modified foods. Sun’s thesis, “Effects of Source Credibility via Social Media on The Risk Perception and Purchase Intention Toward Genetically Modified Foods:

A Cross-Cultural Study between Young Millennials in China and The U. S.

” found that long-term communication and education about genetically modified foods to young Millennials are necessary before one can increase his/her purchase intention. Her thesis suggests public relations practitioners in China should have scientists serve as a credible information source to inform stakeholders about the benefits of GM foods. In the U. , a mixed approach of scientists and government was found to be more effective.