12 Angry Men guilty or Not guilty essay

12 Angry Men guilty or Not guilty essay

Twelve Angry Men was not only an entertaining movie, but it was insightful and on the other hand, inspirational. Compares him to his own son, with whom he was estranged, and reveals strong racist tendencies against the defendant. After hours of deliberation, the jurors reached the decision that the boy is not guilty, due to the fact of reasonable doubt. 8 not yielding to group pressure may be that he has enough confidence about himself to be able [. A history of abuse at the hand of his father, it would seem only logical that resentment is built in the mind of the boy. Through this discussion we learn the following facts about the case: an old man living beneath the boy and his father testified that he heard upstairs a fight, the boy shouting, “I’m gonna kill you, ” a body hitting the ground, and then he saw the boy running down the stairs. 957). You’re giving us a lot of mumbo-jumbo.

Some jurors address relevant topics, while others permit their personal “judgments” from thoroughly looking at the case. The major issue in this case was rather or not the young man was guilty of killing his father. What if while he was walking home the knife did fall out his pocket (the fact that he lived in the slums is a sign that he may have holes in his clothing) and one of the people he showed the knife to found it and for whatever reason decides to set the boy up for murder (perhaps over a previous conflict). According to the majority of the jurors there was no doubt in their minds the prosecutor had presented a good case and the boy should be found guilty. He does not refer to them as regular people, but as “they” and “them” on certain pages.

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12 environment Essay essay Landmark landmark rhetoric series Volume. From the onset juror number eight stated that he wasn’t sure if the boy was guilty or innocent and would like to talk to the other members to discuss the 67 Angry Men is a remake of the 6957 Black-and-white film, and tells the story of twelve jurors bound by the acceptance of their civic duty and thrust together into a hot, humid room to determine the guilt or innocence of a boy accused of killing his father in a moment of rage. In the movie 67 Angry Men everybody but juror no. You know that, ” he yet again was referring to the defendant’s people as “em” and “they”. Eventually, the twelve sit down and a vote is taken. The American jury system is evaluated in the drama Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose. The play is interwoven with dynamic characterisation, striking symbolism and intense moments of drama. But the only response he receives from the jurors is as they turn away from him in disgust.   He is a minority but what kind is never stated. This is the case in “Twelve Angry Men”, the prize-winning drama written by Reginald Rose. Combined with the testimony of the neighbor and that he claims to have seen the boy run down the stairs, the majority of the jurors felt that was enough for motive and opportunity. If it doesn't, restart the download. They complain that the room is hot and without air-conditioning even the fan doesn’t work.

The reason for larger portion of yielding people may be that in Asch’s experiment the subjects were asked to make a very obvious judgment. I have recently watched this movie and Now, I can't decide either the boy was guilty or not? The play opens to the empty jury room, and the Judge’s voice is heard, giving a set of final instructions to the jurors.   A young man has been accused of killing his father. Once the boy is gone he goes upstairs and kills the father. The boy had, that night, had an argument with his father, which resulted in the boy’s father hitting him twice. The reason for juror no. Check out to learn more or contact your system administrator. Only one juror is not certain, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the young man is guilty. Check out some communities and we recommend you subscribe to at least 5. Describe Juror #8 and his reasons for wanting to find the defendant guilty in Twelve Angry Men.

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67 Angry Men Motivation Paper Written By: Olivia Bumgardner Imagine having to decide a young boy’s fate who is accused of murder in the first degree.  The setting for the play is New York City. This name will be used to credit you for things you share on Reddit. In addition to that thought, as the other jurors are realizing that there is reasonable doubt and changing their votes from guilty to not guilty, Juror 65’s temper begins to rise. Sorry for the inconvenience. The jurors react violently against this dissenting vote.

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7% of the subjects yielded to group pressure (Asch, 6957, p. 12 angry Men Essay on why he s not Guilty. Further more, when Juror 65 said, “…I lived among em’ all my life, you can’t believe a word they say. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with this website. In the end, a reasonable doubt is planted in everyone's minds, and according to jury instructions that reasonable doubt must result in a NOT GUILTY verdict, however no conclusive evidence is ever given as to the defendant's true guilt or innocence. As for the witnesses, the Old man could have heard a young man yell “IM GONNA KILL YOU” And guessed it was the boy due to hearing the pair fight in the past but because the train is going by he can t hear the voice clearly. What should we call you? Juror 65’s outlook of the defendant is blinding him from thinking of any reasonable doubt. ( ) Reddit is filled with interest based communities, offering something for everyone. By having a Reddit account, you can subscribe, vote, and comment on all your favorite Reddit content. How To Write An Introduction To A Film Essay. Invited audience members will follow you as you navigate and present People invited to a presentation do not need a Prezi account This link expires 65 minutes after you close the presentation A maximum of 85 users can follow your presentation Learn more about this feature in ourDownloading your prezi starts automatically within seconds. Sign up in just seconds. He then overhears the boy argue with his father and in the shadows see’s him leave and waits a bit. 8 yields to group pressure. A firewall is blocking access to Prezi content. As per the proofs and evidence he was guilty but did the 8th Juror's logic and countermeasure favour him?

As mentioned before its hard to know for sure if the boy was innocent or not. His reaction to the other jurors for not agreeing with his opinion results to him throwing a rampage. Here, the Judge clearly defines the implications of GUILTY and NOT GUILTY whereby comes the most important phrase in this movie REASONABLE DOUBT. Essays on importance Of Music in our Life. Although Rose positions Juror 8 as the hero, the strongest character is in fact Juror 9, who is an independent thinker, rational and calm even as tension begins to build. In the courtroom though, no juror is to have any judgments, they are supposed to bring the facts to the table, not their opinions. The first thing we should remember is the Judge's dialogue when he directs the Jurors. There is a strong rallying against the defendant. With the exception of a few moments at the beginning and the end, the entire movie takes place in the room. Your username is how other community members will see you. All of the jurors vote “guilty, ” except for the, who votes “not guilty, ” which, due to the requirement of a unanimous jury, forces them to discuss the case. It is quite obvious that Juror 65 is generating an “opinion” of the defendant based on the color of his skin and his background. DISCUSSION: Did the kid from 67 Angry Men really kill his father? After these instructions, the jurors enter. Twelve men walked into a room with opposing views and judgments, but came together in the end with one goal and one united opinion. 966) and 88. All in all, I thought All the jurors presume the obvious guilt of the defendant, whom we learn has been accused of killing his father. I also feel as though there are some underlying Reginald Rose’s ’67 Angry Men’ brings 67 jurors together in a room to decide whether a young foreign boy is guilty of killing his father.

This argument comes from Juror 65 claiming they all look alike, so its possible that the killer was the same ethnicity (maybe bigger based on Juror 7 and 5’s assumptions) as the boy. He ends up screaming at the top of his lungs and thinking of everything he can possibly say to make the rest of the jurors side with him. As conclusively there was a reasonable doubt, therefore the boy was not guilty because the jurors had to abide by the definition supplied by the Judge A reasonable person would have at least deliberated instead of just shutting down the thought completely. The play is set in a New York City Court of Law jury room in 6957. The fact that one man had the audacity to stand his ground through the entire discussion, and stand up to his eleven opponents takes bravery and courage. Here are some available suggestions. He then tries to get to his door as quickly as possible and when he does he see’s someone going down the stairs but doesn t see the killers face but guesses its the boy. Although Juror 9 initially votes guilty, he is able to admit his fault and change his vote 6957, p.   He is a deprived teen who has had some previous criminal activities. The movie is more focused on prejudice than anything else, and how some jurors wanted him to be guilty based on his background. Oops. Evan so one important aspect that is brought up a few times is that before the murder happened the boy showed the “murder weapon” to a group of “friends”. On the other hand, the fact that he was able to convince the other men into taking his side is mind blowing * Test names and other trademarks are the property of the respective trademark holders. The question which is to be solved from the jurors is much more complex. Another issue dealt with the climate at the time the movie was made. There are issues of race, poverty, and bias against people in that socio-economic group. A woman living across the street testified that she saw the boy kill his father through the windows of a passing elevated train. Having a hard time picking a name?

Following Juror 65’s views further, when Juror 5 was explaining how the person who did stab the father was un-experienced, but the defendant was indeed experienced and Juror 8 stated he didn’t believe it, Juror 65 responded with, “Neither do I.   After six days of testimony, the play begins with the judge giving the jurors their instructions for deliberation. We learn that this is a murder case and that, if found guilty, the mandatory sentence for the accused is the death penalty. As mentioned by several jurors, the boy had a criminal record and when you are in prison odds are you are going to make enemies with others evan if its just juvenal hall. We're never told either way. He uses his intolerance to determine his vote for the accused defendant. . 12 9 essay grade Resource Teaching tolerant World. Since the old man isn t fast enough to go after him he calls the police. Finally, the boy has an extensive list of prior offenses, including trying to slash another teenager with a knife. Ultimately, they decide to go around the table, explaining why they believe the boy to be guilty, in hopes of convincing 8th Juror. You can clearly infer that while Juror 65 was living amongst them, he must have experienced or witnessed situations which has caused him to have judgments on these specific people. Juror 65 didn’t even bother thinking the idea through! However Juror number eight began to question some of the evidence that was presented at the trial. While few jurors are motivated by their respect and determination for the justice system, Juror 65 is motivated by his personal prejudice. These same judgments he brings to the courtroom just add difficulty into solving the case. The boy claimed he had been at the movies while his father was murdered, but couldn’t remember the name of the movies or who was in them.  The American jury system is evaluated in the drama Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose.

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The men file in and decide to take a short break before deliberating. If the problem persists you can find support at Juror 65 is clearly motivated by his prejudice.